April 3, 2012

Unlocking the Gifts Inside 

Gifts, we are used to getting them for the holidays, our birthdays and special occasions.  Normally these gifts are of a material nature but there are much more important gifts that we all possess, some of us know we have them: singers, actors, artists, athletes the list goes on.  However, I am here to tell you that everyone has a gift, gifts that we are born with.  Sometimes we never really go that deep into ourselves to find what that gift is.  Sadly, there are a group of people that think that once you reach a certain age, you are “too old” to find out what those gifts are.  I feel badly for that group, since I know for sure that using some tools and techniques, even the most hidden gift can be found, utilized and enjoyed.

Since I am in the fitness industry, I know that one sure fire way to find out what that gift is, will happen when a body is in good physical shape!  When a person works out or gets some physical activity, wonderful thing happens; the mind becomes clearer and calmer, yet more energized!  As a result,  one doesn’t have to spend his or her entire day (or night) worrying about his or her’s physical well-being, instead the feelings of pride, confidence and serenity seem to replace some of the worry which clears the mind to discover many things including what your “gifts” are and how best to use them.  You see, when a body is in good physical shape, you feel better and then you have the confidence and drive to do things you may not have ever possibly imagined!  Even better, if in the past a person has enjoyed a particular sport, such as bowling or tennis, feeling better physically will allow that person to try that sport again!

There may have to be modifications done to allow this sport to happen, but I believe that doing something,  however you do it,  is much better than never doing it at all!  For instance, if a former bowler wants to try bowling again after many years, that person can go to the local bowling alley and give it a try!  If going to the bowling alley is a bit too uncomfortable, there are computer and online games that simulate the sport or one can even try table bowling.

Trust me – if you want to do it – you will find a way!  Let your mind wander and think of things you always wanted to do and find your gift.  As a younger person, maybe you had family obligations or something else to prevent that from happening, but now as a senior, just get to it!  Reach into the deep recesses of your mind and think of what would make you happy.  You can always ask friends or family to help you in this endeavor and enjoy!  Remember, you’re never too old to do most anything so go ahead, give it a try……find that gift and enjoy it thoroughly!