December 29, 2011

Switch New Year’s Resolutions for Lifestyle Health Regiment

Ahhh it’s here… the turkey is done and consumed (all 5 meals), the December holidays are nearly over and that means the dreaded… New Year’s resolutions…or in other words… what you “want to get done but end up not getting done” resolutions.  New Year’s resolutions are a good idea and they give most people something to strive for, be it losing weight, quitting smoking, saving more money or even trying to be a better person.

The problem with resolutions is that over the years,  resolutions have become a somewhat of a joke.  People make them KNOWING they will break them,usually by sometime in February or worse – a week after the start of the New Year.  I recall my days at Bally’s when loads of people signed up in January for their fitness resolutions and come February, only the regulars throughout the past year showed up to work out.   In fact, there is a cute little commercial that I have heard countless times regarding fitness…a man and a woman trying to get the urge to work out and the man sings a little jingle”too tired” as he plays the piano and they never actually get to work out.

I say ENOUGH!  If you think you are going to break your resolutions – don’t make them – especially in regard to fitness!  Instead, realize that the winter is a good time to start a program to get fit because as you know, spring and summer are just around the corner!  This can be done without much ado or fanfare. There is no need to feel guilty if you haven’t made your resolution stick because it doesn’t exist.  Here’s the deal, don’t call it a resolution; call it your new lifestyle health regiment.  Tell the world that you no longer will do resolutions that will end up being broken and that you are currently involved in your own exercise/health wellness program.

Here are a few tips to launch your new lifestyle health regiment:

See a licensed nutritionist. Nutritionists are specialists in the management of dietary goals for health and well-being.  There will be a barrage of diets in the media at the start of the New Year but my best suggestion is to start with the experts.  Meet with one and have your dietary needs discussed and scheduled.

Take advantage of specials and deals that the fitness industry has to offer at this time of year. Sign up for a class or two and never feel pressured to join unless the particular gym or fitness facility has enough to keep you engaged and stimulated to workout throughout the year.

Set new goals for the spring/summer. Nothing motivates a fitness buff like realistic goals do!  Figure out what you need to get accomplished such as walking around Salem Willows, strolling along Rockport’s fabulous streets or even fitting into your new bathing suit!  Use this time to get a fitness routine started to allow you to work towards that goal or goals!
As you can see, making and not breaking New Year’s resolutions is a good start but the point of making a resolution is to get yourself to a point that you don’t even need to make any resolutions.  If you are already in a fitness/wellness program – you can tell people proudly when they ask if you have made your resolutions, that you don’t need to make any this year – all goals have been set and are just ongoing.  Happy and Healthy New Year from Aviv Centers for Living!