May 29, 2014

Survivors speak to honor those lost in Holocaust

Jean Wall was 14 when the Nazis tore her from her family in Poland and sent her to the Parschnitz concentration camp in Czechoslovakia. She survived three years of starvation, cold, and forced labor, but lost her mother, her father, and a brother during the Holocaust.
“When the war ended, we learned the horrible truth . . . that we no longer had parents,” Wall said. “My family ended up in Auschwitz, which was a place of no return.”
The Nazis murdered an estimated 6 million Jews in death camps during the Holocaust, many of whom remain unnamed and lost to history. Now Wall, 87, and other Holocaust survivors at the Aviv Centers for Living in Peabody have joined the international Shoah Victims’ Names Recovery Project to identify all who were lost and honor their memory.
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