April 20, 2012

Roll With it…and Stay Fit Four Fun Ways to Rock and Roll your Fitness Program!

Staying focused on fitness is challenging as anyone engaged in an ongoing fitness program can attest to. It takes diligence, motivation and memory to stay on track. Yes memory! Sometimes even the most dedicated and highly motivated individual has a difficult time with one thing in his or her fitness program – remembering what to do when he or she arrives at the gym!
Sometimes, and more often than not, entering a gym is so overwhelming (even for those that regularly attend) that unless you actually have your career working in one, all the machines and exercise options are too much for a person to figure out exactly what to do and when to do it. During these times, I simply say, “Let’s simplify and try to remember one word that will remind you of what you should be doing.”
Today’s word is ROLL, not the kind you eat with dinner or the type that you are trying to get rid of around your waist, but the kind that means the direction your body needs to go and some exercises that reflect that movement. In keeping with the “rolling” theme, the following exercises will help you identify and utilize the rolling movement to having a few exercises to do when you can’t think of what to do.
Roll Shoulders
Keep your hands/arms at your sides and simply roll your shoulders backwards to complete the circle movement. Only roll backwards and do this for a count of ten, three times.
Roll Knees
In a sitting position, lift your right knee and make a circle in the air using your knee as the starting point. Roll clockwise for the right leg and counter-clockwise for the left. Do this for each leg for a count of ten, three times.
Roll Ankles
Lift foot off the floor and roll your ankle. Roll the ankle clockwise for the right ankle and counter-clockwise for the left. Do this for each ankle for a count of ten, three times.
Roll Wrists
Hold your arm straight in front of your elbow bent. Roll your wrist slowly, again repeating the above pattern, clockwise for the right wrist, counter-clockwise for the left.
As you can see, fitness doesn’t always have to be very complicated, especially if you have some key tricks to help you remember. So remember to get rocking, just roll… and roll along the fitness pathway!