February 9, 2021

News at LFCL!

As always, there is a lot going on at the Leonard Florence Center for Living. We’d like to congratulate Roudy Noel, who was recently promoted to Housekeeping Supervisor. It is a well-deserved promotion and came at a very meaningful time in Roudy’s life. The day he received the promotion he also became a US citizen! We applaud Roudy’s many impressive accomplishments.

Other notable happenings include:

  • Ercilia Galindo, Admissions Coordinator, recently announced her engagement.
  • Sydney Orlando, Weekend Supervisor, was promoted to ADON and Staff Development Coordinator.
  • Amalia Almeida, moved to a new role of Vent Director, focusing on all clinic care responsibilities and program development of the ventilator rooms.
  • Aracely Modesto was promoted from floor nurse to House Mentor.
  • Zylfia Karimi was promoted to House Mentor Shabazz.

Congratulations to all of you! We are so proud of your hard work, dedication and loyalty to Chelsea Jewish Lifecare and the Leonard Florence Center. Thank you for all that you do.