April 1, 2024

Peace of Mind: A Continuum of Care at Chelsea Jewish Lifecare

A group of older people sitting together and looking happy

Seniors inevitably face a major decision about where to live as they grow older. While staying in one’s home may seem like the best choice, many individuals need support services, socialization, access to medical care and worry-free maintenance. Ideally, a community that allows seniors to stay in the same community throughout their aging journey is an optimal option.

At Chelsea Jewish Lifecare (CJL), residents can choose from a variety of living options all within one campus. Upon moving into an assisted living apartment, you immediately have access to a “continuum of care” that includes short-term rehab, skilled nursing care, memory care living in both assisted living and skilled nursing environments, adult day health, visiting nurse services (VNA), palliative care and hospice care. For some residents, assisted living will be their “forever” home, while others will need more support services.

“On each of our campuses, we offer a continuum of care that provides a range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual,” explained Amy Sanders, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for Chelsea Jewish Lifecare and Legacy Lifecare. “We strive to make sure that our residents have access to the things that are important to them throughout their aging journey.”

A key advantage of living on a CJL campus is ease of entrance. Many retirement communities require a ‘buy-in” or large entrance fee before an individual or couple can move into the residences. At CJL, there is no such fee. After moving into an assisted living apartment, which requires no buy-in or community fees, residents have access to the continuum of care available throughout the campus.

Aging in place in an assisted living community means that as the resident’s care needs increase as they get older, they can remain in their residence and, if needed, utilize the services available throughout the organization. In essence, a continuum of care campus is convenient, fosters socialization and allows residents to age in place for as long as possible.

Knowing that you or a family member resides in a comfortable, active, and wellness-oriented environment is reassuring. Adult children are able to relax because they understand that if a need suddenly arises in the middle of the night, someone is there who can help. That is a huge relief for families.

Safety, health, quality of life and engagement are priorities on all the CJL campuses. “Families enjoy peace of mind knowing a loved one is safe and well-cared for,” stated Sanders.“From the moment new residents walk through the door, they quickly become a valued member of the Chelsea Jewish family.” Added Amy, ”They feel very much at home.”