August 9, 2012

Inspiration – comes in all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels

Our monthly health series is authored by Patrice Cahill – Fitness Manager at Aviv Centers for Living
Inspiration, “an inspiring or animating action or influence”(1).
This statement is clear by the definition in the dictionary that inspiration is frankly…. inspiring!  I see things everyday that inspire me, each day is different and range from awe inspiring news stories or acts of heroism.  These are very public things that usually hit me in the gut when read such a story or see it on the news.  However, I really don’t have to see stories in the news or read about them in the newspaper to feel inspired, frankly I just have to go to work!
There are people and things all around us, yes even right here in Aviv Assisted Living, that truly sends waves of pride and inspiration through me each time I train in the gym or teach a fitness class, I see and feel it constantly.
What do I see….what I see is this.  I see people, older people, people that are past the age of 30 using whatever means they can, be it canes, walkers, aides holding their hands or pushing their wheelchairs, coming each and every day, Monday through Friday into Goldmans’ gym to work out and/or going into the fitness classes that I teach at 9:45 am they do what at this point for most they are compelled to do – exercise and feel healthy!
This is not an easy feat for most of the clients that do this, for you see everyone has something that they need to deal with (either physically or mentally or both) and everyone has a story as such.  Even still, throughout all of this, they come.  They come to inspire others in the class, they come to inspire their families that are so proud of them, and lastly but most important, they come and inspire themselves in ways even I’m sure most couldn’t imagine years ago.
As for me, even to this day after all these years of training seniors, they still, without question, inspire ME more often than I ever thought possible.  There are times that I get emotional when I see them want to get healthier and look to me and fitness to help provide it.  Nothing in life is guaranteed but taking part in fitness and getting more in shape can’t hurt and usually does what it’s supposed to do.
Physically, older folks DO get stronger, not just physically but mentally as well.  The client feels more control over their lives by getting themselves healthier and that in itself, gives so much confidence and pride in oneself – it’s uncanny and never fails!  So, my dear fitness seniors, time to stop, think, reflect and take a bow… for you inspire the world around you!
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