January 12, 2012

Fun and Games for Seniors

Fun is good.
Dr. Seuss

When I was a child growing up in Swampscott, fun and games were number one on my agenda. The same holds true today. As Director of Resident Life at Woodbridge Assisted Living, it’s my responsibility to make sure that we create a sense of delight each day. Joy may be found in trivia games, word games, arts & crafts, musical entertainment, or sing-a-longs. Shopping trips, lunch out, and mystery rides are planned on a regular basis to keep life interesting and fun.

I know how important it is to incorporate fun into each day. An active mind is a happy mind. Laughter truly is the best medicine. I notice a difference between the residents who participate in fun activities and those who don’t. The ones who do are so much happier and always have a smile on their faces. They are positive and full of energy. There is definitely a difference and the activity staff is so wonderful at engaging the residents.

Joy also comes from simple pleasures like watering flowers in a garden, reading a book from the library, a morning exercise session or a simple cup of tea and a chat with a friend in the cafe.
This month we have planned movie nights, a hot chocolate social, exercise classes, sing-a-longs,entertainment, ceramics, comedians, story-telling and study groups. Seeing our residents enjoying activities is the best part of my job.

Although I don’t play hide and seek anymore and I don’t have to come in when the street lights come on…I remember those days fondly and I am so grateful to be able to bring fun into other’s lives on a daily basis. It truly does make a difference.