July 14, 2016

The Dynamic Role of the Human Resources Professional

By Maria Champa, Human Resources Manager, Chelsea Jewish Lifecare
Over the years, the function of a Human Resources department has changed dramatically. Today, positions range from the traditional record keeper who determines what behavior is appropriate at work to an ever-evolving realm of business management that is essential to organizations everywhere.
There’s no doubt that Human Resources professionals play a dynamic role in business management. Not only are they required to keep up-to-date with state and federal compliance and regulatory standards, but they also must create a positive and pleasant work environment while serving as a trusted advisor to all staff. The key to success: putting the employees’ needs first. Understanding the needs of the workforce allows Human Resources professionals to better assess situations and provide appropriate guidance to staff.
Take a look at the four characteristics of a strong Human Resources professional:
Ethical—Knows the difference between right and wrong and has the confidence to speak up when necessary. Must know how to “walk the walk” and “practice what you preach”.
Confidential—Maintains confidentiality of staff information and recognizes what information can and cannot be shared with others.
Professional—Maintains composure at all times and exercises strong customer service skills with all staff.
Trustworthy—Earns the trust of staff members, managers and departments, in addition to being a trusted advisor to all.
It’s important to remember that Human Resources departments exist to help individual employees as well as the organization as a whole. Let us be a supportive and accessible resource to each and every one of you!