May 24, 2016

Behind the Scenes of Environmental Services

By Marcos Stadler, Director of EVS at the North Shore Campus
There’s more to Environmental Services than meets the eye! In reality, EVS is a department comprised of housekeeping, laundry and a maintenance staff that maintains the entire campus, both internally and externally.
Internally, EVS conducts the day-to- day cleaning of the facilities, servicing the resident’s laundry, and maintaining working equipment such as light bulbs and rug cleaning machines. Most importantly, EVS routinely monitors the maintenance of all critical systems that work 24/7 to ensure smooth operation. These critical systems include heating, cooling, hot and cold water, electricity, fire alarms, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers and emergency generators, to name just a few. What people don’t realize is that these systems are an absolute necessity to the daily safety of our residents and staff. And since these systems operate around the clock, they require continuous monitoring and maintenance.
Externally, EVS maintains the campus appearance by keeping the grounds clean and visually appealing. EVS frequently removes trash, discards cigarette bins, and updates signage. Additionally, the department cleans gutters, washes windows, siding and roofs.
“When you arrive at the driveway on Lynnfield Street, everything you see comes under the responsibility of EVS,” said Marcos Stadler, Director of EVS on the North Shore Campus. “As my colleague Terry Halliday is fond of saying, ‘it takes a village to make it all work.’ It surely does!”