March 31, 2011

Balance Tips for Seniors

Patrice offers these Balance Tips for Seniors:

  1. Start and exercise program, specifically one that utilizes weights and balance exercises concentrating on the core (abdominals and obliques).
  2. Consult your doctor prior to beginning any exercise program to ensure good health which contributes to good balance.
  3. Wear proper shoes that fit well and correctly.
  4. Wear good fitting clothes, paying particular attention to pant lengths.
  5. Any frayed hems or loose clothing may interfere with proper walking.
  6. “Trip proof” your living area by yourself or with a friend.
  7. Eliminate loose rugs and other items that can be a potential tripping threat.
  8. Begin or maintain a proper nutrition plan to ensure maximum health.
  9. Make sure hearing aids, eye glasses, canes and walkers are fitted and working properly.
  10. Be aware of your surroundings and environment when out in public. Avoid tripping hazards by also looking down in front of you to locate objects.
  11. During inclement weather, make sure household floors (particularly kitchen, bathroom and hardwood floors) are not wet or littered with salt and sand that can be slippery.
  12. For optimum fitness, find a certified and reputable senior fitness trainer or instructor or a balance program that specializes in fitness and balance for seniors and also keys into specific balance exercises that are done in a safe manner.