June 30, 2013

When it Comes to Living Arrangements, Boomers are Determined to get by with a Little Help From Their Friends

By Sally Abrahms | BOSTON GLOBE, June 30, 2013
WHEN CHARLENE DICALOGERO LIVED ALONE in an apartment in Watertown, she
knew none of her neighbors. “I felt lonely and isolated,” says the 53-year-old, a grants administrator at Lesley University. But since buying a $230,000, 700-square-foot home at Camelot CoHousing in Berlin four years ago, DiCalogero couldn’t be lonely if she tried.
Camelot is an enclave of 34 compact homes with welcoming front porches that sit clustered together in this rural town, about a half-hour drive northeast of Worcester. The road and parking areas are off to the side, while pedestrian walkways wind among the houses. The development is
engineered to encourage relationships with neighbors — and it seems to be working.
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