August 10, 2021

What’s Happening in August at Brudnick Center for Living!

It’s busy month at the Brudnick Center for Living. Back by popular demand is Anne Quinn, who was a beloved volunteer before the pandemic. Anne has returned to host her popular “Short Stories” program. Active in the Peabody libraries, Ann enjoys providing reading materials for young students as well as for adults. At BCL, Ann will offer a variety of readings by notable authors. First up this season is Little Women.

The residents had a mouth-watering time celebrating National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. They baked and ate delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies. The wonderful of freshly baked cookies pervaded the hallways. As Director of Resident Life Ellen Gordon commented upon seeing photos of the residents making cookies, “I can just close my eyes and smell those cookies baking!” Residents also honored National S’Mores Day with more baking and eating. Any excuse for delicious desserts seems to work at BCL!

Other activities include watercolor art classes on August 12th (4th Floor) and August 18th (2nd floor). Tiki Bar Hawaiian Parties will be happening on the 4th floor Aug 18 and on the 2nd floor on Friday, Aug 13. Additionally, Dan Tremblay returns with his musical/comedy documentaries on August 19 (4th floor) and August 26 (2nd floor). Last but certainly not least, residents and staff are looking forward to hearing the great Jimmy Honohan when he performs his in-person musical concert on August 30. After just one song from Jimmy, the residents are enthusiastically singing and dancing. Definitely a highlight of the summer!