October 10, 2022

What’s Happening at the Leonard Florence Center

On September 18th, beloved resident Rose Pugliese turned 106! After attending Mass with Linda Keller, a MDS/MMQ nurse at the Center and good friend to Rose, the two drove to Iron Town Diner, one of Rose’s favorite eating establishments. Paula, a restaurant staffer who adores Rose, showered Rose with flowers, cake, pin, and a birthday card signed by the entire staff. Rose was so touched by their kindness that she immediately sent a thank you note to the restaurant. Just one of the many things that makes Rose Pugliese such a special person!

The 14th Annual ALS & MS Walk for Living was a huge success. Thank you to our families, staff, friends, and community members who supported our amazing residents. It was a wonderful and memorable day.

Our Sukkot festivities celebrated the bounty of the season. Autumn vegetables, fruits and flowers were on display in the beautifully decorated sukkah. Residents and staff enjoyed visiting throughout the day.

This month we are offering new activities for our ALS and MS residents. On the horizon: mediation classes run by Emma K. & McDonald resident Meghan B. “Morning Mediation” at our chapel will help residents interested in achieving peace of mind as well as practicing relaxation techniques. We also are starting a podcast called “Connecting ALS,” which will take place every Thursday, and focus upon aspects relating to ALS. Also on Thursdays is our “Movie Mystery,” where we showcase a variety of movie genres.

Wishing a very “Happy Birthday” to the following residents!

  • Lois F: October 2
  • John R: October 5
  • James D: October 5
  • Patrick O: October 5
  • Marie E: October 9
  • Fabio L: October 10
  • Daphne P: October 12
  • Meghan B: October 28
  • Melissa K: October 30
  • Jeffrey M: October 31