September 13, 2021

What’s Happening at the Leonard Florence Center for Living

It’s been a busy time at LFCL this September.

For our Jewish residents, High Holy Day services were held to celebrate Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Services were streamed for all of our residents. In honor of Sukkot, the traditional sukkah will be set up by our front patio. Along with food and activities, “Stories by the Sukkah” will give residents the opportunity to talk about their own holiday experiences and the meaning of the holidays. The group will also discuss fun facts, trivia and famous Jewish people.

As always, movie days at the café Thursdays are popular as well as bingo on Tuesdays and Fridays. It’s wonderful that so many of our residents are in attendance.

We are gearing up for the 13th Annual ALS & MS Walk for Living, which will be held October 17. Although the Walk is virtual this year due to the pandemic, it remains one of the most special events for our residents, families and local communities. To register, simply go to the Walk for Living website ( and click on register. Every single dollar raised goes directly back to patient care and programs for the ALS and MS residents.

Wishing a very special birthday to the residents below, including Eleanor Karp, who turned 107 on September 1 and Rose Pugliese, who turned 105 on September 18. What amazing milestones!

Happy Birthday:

Eleanor Karp: September 1
Steven Saling: September 10
Gloria Willyard: September 14
Rose Pugliese: September 18
Bernice Frisch: September 18
Barbara Tracey: September 26