September 20, 2021

What’s Happening at Katzman Center for Living

The close of summer has been busy time at the Katzman Center. Residents enjoyed a festive Hawaiian luau-themed party by sipping tropical drinks and listening to Hawaiian music. The best part: all the staff wore grass skirts and danced the day away!

Our restaurant outings are always fun, and our recent trip to Polcari’s was extra special. Resident Maureen Shanahan’s family surprised her at the restaurant for an early birthday celebration. Both family members and residents joined together to wish Maureen a happy birthday. The celebration concluded with everyone sharing a delicious cake for dessert.

Speaking of desserts, we have many exceptional bakers at KCL, who share a love of good food and great desserts. Our recent Baking Contest Program, therefore, put their talents to the test! Each resident made their own muffin recipe from scratch, choosing from a wide list of ingredients. The staff and residents tasted all entries to decide upon a winner but in the end, they all were so delicious that everyone was declared a winner.

Lastly, we held a “Western Roundup” celebration since our residents have a fondness for country music. Residents and staff members gussied up in oversized cowboy hats and colorful scarves. With lively music and a mouthwatering BBQ, it was almost like being in Oklahoma!