March 27, 2024

What’s Happening at Katzman Center for Living!

Purim celebration at Katzman

With our population now living longer, we held a celebration to honor all of our amazing centenarians. Rose Quarato and Rosalind Sussman, who both turned 103 within weeks of each other, were the stars of the day. Rose shared some “words of wisdom” with the crowd about living a long and healthy life. As the crowd listened in anticipation, Rose said, in her typically cheerful manner, “Always look on the bright side of life, and never let things, as trying as they are, bring you down. Just be happy!” Great advice from a very wise individual.

Staff wowed the residents when they performed dances from a variety of cultures in honor of International Dance Day. Ena Brita donned a colorful Flamenco outfit and the crowd applauded as she danced the Flamenco. Agnes Mah, dressed in traditional African attire, showed us an African dance from her homeland. Other residents, who were more familiar with the 1920’s flapper girl outfits, danced up a storm. It was fun seeing resident John Shakespeare cut a rug on the dance floor!

Our Super Bowl party was a big hit. We had an excellent turnout, despite the fact that the Patriots weren’t in the playoffs this year. The hot dogs, pizzas and beer helped make the day festive and fun.

With election year here, residents were eager to cast their votes for the U.S. Primary election through absentee ballots. After they cast their votes, residents proudly displayed their “I Voted by Mail” button throughout the day.

Ash Wednesday marked the first day of Lent, and with it, the six weeks of penitence before Easter Sunday. Catholic residents who wanted to participate received blessed ashes from St. Rose Church.

On our Memory Care Units, residents celebrated the Jewish Holiday of Tu B’Shevat, which is the yearly celebration of planting seedlings and seeds. The holiday serves as a way to remind people to care for the natural world.

Talent abounds at KCL. Peter, who expertly plays the piano and clarinet, set the stage for a relaxing and soothing performance. Art Therapy classes, fresh flower arranging and musical therapy with Ali, are sought-after programs that stimulate the residents. They seem to really enjoy these sessions.

Residents also enjoyed our yearly Purim Party. They were excited to have their grandchildren and great grandchildren at the festivities with face painters, balloon artists and gift bags for all the children. Take a look at the photos and all the creative costumes!

Spring is here, and our flowers will start to bloom soon. Warmer weather is on its way and our courtyard will be busy with BBQ’s, music and activities. Keep in mind the courtyard is the perfect place to enjoy the spring and summer seasons. Here’s to great times and making wonderful memories.

We hope our residents had a very Happy Easter and warmest wishes for a joyous Passover!