July 8, 2021

What’s Happening at Brudnick Center for Living

Shabbat services are being held once again on the Peabody campus. Led by Ellen Gordon, Director of Resident Life, residents and families are invited to attend weekly services. Following prayers, attendees enjoy a special Kiddish together.

A joyous birthday celebration was held recently at BCL. Beloved resident Sally Silva turned 100 on June 24. Amidst a drive-by parade, colorful balloons, a gorgeous cake and an entertaining clown, Sally celebrated this milestone birthday with family, friends, staff and residents. The parade started and ended on the farmer’s porch. It was a day to remember for all.

It’s wonderful to see our Memory Care residents engaged in a cognitively stimulating activity. In fact, competition is an effective form of motivation. As a result, we are bringing back a variety of multi-sensory activities for both men and women.

A perk of the summer season is that our residents are able to spend time outdoors, planting and enjoying the nice weather. We are all looking forward to the arrival of two new, large planters on our patios. Residents will enjoy filling the planters with vegetables, water, seeds, and watching them as they grow. This year, the gardens will be more colorful and vibrant than ever!

Bingo remains a popular activity and really encourages active participation. Participating residents include Mary Judd, Violet Rheault, Cecile Dionne, Lois Coombs, Doris MacNichol, Bina Grasso, Barbara Swartzman, Loretta Woodberry, Janet Hellmer, Nora Dugas, Amelia Fernandez, Gloria Vinard, Rose Constance and Lee Goldberg. Let’s keep the winners coming!​