April 6, 2021

What’s Happening at BCL!

A Passover Seder place setting at Brudnick Center for Living at Chelsea Jewish Lifecare in Peabody, MassachusettsThis year’s Seder celebration was different than other years, but the staff worked hard to make the holiday special. Seder tables, adorned with the Haggadah, matzah, and the traditional Seder Plate, welcomed residents to a social distanced Passover. It was time to reflect on the holiday and look forward to the future.

Coming up, there will be a variety of fun and engaging activities. For example, In April we will have a rolling Revere Beach Exhibit, with memorabilia from Revere Beach, food and games for the residents. Our sincere thanks to Evelyn Morris who lent us the posters for the exhibit.

During the week of April 12, the exhibit will be found in the Lobby of the 4th floor and during the week of April 19th the exhibit will be in the lobby of the 3rd floor. The Week of the 26th, the Revere Beach exhibit will be in the lobby of the 2nd floor.

It may be a bit too cold for trips to the beach, so our plan is to take the beach to you!