February 9, 2022

What’s Been Happening at Katzman Center for Living in February

Residents are gearing up for Sweetheart Day by creating beautiful paper crafts for the occasion.In addition to the “Sweetheart Cards” made by Salima Benemar, Mary Carroll and Bernice Berman, residents and staff designed beautiful “Sweetheart” décor that will be to be displayed throughout the building.Some residents are even wearing their original creations as necklaces!Resident Laura Kwatkowski prepared her “bag of goodies” that she will pass out to fellow residents.”It’s a wonderful way to brighten everyone’s day,” explained Laura.In other artistic endeavors, resident Virginia Adriani has been busy crocheting afghans for fellow residents and staff.To date, she has completed several in a variety of designs and colors.Without a doubt, every person is delighted to receive such a lovely gift.We are pleased to recognize our residents who have celebrated milestone birthdays in their lives.Part of our centennial group includes Ruth Finkelstein, who turned 100; Bernice Berman, who turned 101; and Lena Labella who is now 102. Congratulations!

You are an inspiration to us all.