January 11, 2016

What is so special about the Estates on Admiral’s Hill?

By Yari Velez, Director of Resident Care, The Estates on Admiral’s Hill
Many have asked why the Estates on Admiral’s Hill is such a special place. Here are just a few reasons:

  • We have fun!
    • The residents are always engaged in one activity or another. We dance, we laugh, we celebrate, we act silly, we take pictures, we go on outings…basically we live! Our activities calendar is chalk full of lively entertainment that suits our active residents. The café is a wonderful meeting place where the residents and their families and friends share stories and photos, catch up on the news, and of course, enjoy some of the best freshly baked pastries in town.
  • We have amazing staff!
    • The residents are surrounded by the most compassionate, dedicated and caring staff you will ever find. Our caregivers really take the time to get to know the residents.  Most importantly, they are instrumental in helping meet the needs of our residents. Our staff goes above and beyond to put smiles on the residents’ faces, which ultimately goes a long way in the quality of life at our residences.
  • We are a strong community!
    • Both residents and staff share happy moments together. We proudly introduce our sons, daughters, grandchildren, and even aunts and uncles, to one another. We celebrate their accomplishments, achievements and milestones. And when a new grandchild or great grandchild arrives, we ALL must see the photos!

In short, what is so special about the Estates on Admiral’s Hill is that we are all family.