December 12, 2023

Wedding “I Do’s” at Shapiro-Rudolph Adult Day Health Center!

Wedding Reenactment

There wasn’t a dry eye in the Great Room at Brudnick Center for Living when DonnaLee Clough, a nurse at Shapiro-Rudoph Adult Day Health Center, and Kerry Knisely, Donna’s partner of 29 years and now client, were married by staff member Maggie Anderson. The wedding reenactment, held nine days after the couple’s “real” wedding, enabled Shapiro Rudolph staff and clients to witness a truly joyful occasion.

The backstory: Donna and Kerry were in a relationship for 29 years when Kerry finally asked Donna to marry him this past September. She said yes! The actual wedding took place on October 21 but both Donna (53) and Kerry (64) wanted the Center’s seniors and staff to be in attendance. Thus the wedding reenactment on September 30. It was a touching and emotional ceremony, punctuated with warmth, humor and genuine emotion.

“It was such a memorable day for all of us,” said June Davis, Director of Shapiro-Rudolph Adult Day Health Center. “Donna and Kerry looked so happy together. And Maggie Andeson did a tremendous job as the wedding officiant.”

Prior to the wedding, Donna took a group of her clients dress shopping, in search of the perfect bridal dress. No doubt that she found it! It was a wonderful way to engage the seniors and generated a great deal of anticipation for the wedding. Donna, resplendent in her gown, had two of her actual bridal attendants at the reenactment while Kerry had his best man and groomsmen. No doubt about it, two weddings are better than one!