February 11, 2021

Temporary Nurse Aid (TNA) Classes at Brudnick Center for Living

TNA classes at Brudnick Center for LivingTNA Classes at Brudnick Center for LivingA new program has been implemented at BCL that will enable staff members to work towards becoming a CNA. The Temporary Nurse Training (TNA) program consists of online class work, skills laboratory work  and onsite clinical practical experience. To qualify, individuals must be recommended by nursing leadership as having strong potential for success and identified as caring individuals.

Significantly, there are advantages to this program for our organization as well as for our staff members. “It makes sense to have inside people apply since we know their history and work ethic,” said Tammy Starion, Director of Nursing at Brudnick Center. “At the same time, the course is costly to take on one’s own, so the program is a plus for BCL employees.”

Once individuals are accepted into the program, they are required to take an eight hour ACHA class and are paired with a CNA who has been carefully selected by the nursing team. There is also a competency sheet that needs to be completed. The TNA’s are provided with job descriptions, but of course, they are limited in their responsibilities until they have completed the class. Next, the TNA’s take an online course, which is taught headed by Karen Petruccelli, Vice President of Clinical Quality Improvement. In essence, clinical instruction is provided in conjunction with classroom theory and laboratory work.

Currently, Tammy is actively recruiting for the next class. As Tammy noted, “We are very excited about the TNA classes. It really is a win-win situation for everyone involved in the program.”