January 27, 2017

Socialization on the Hill: The Greatest Benefit of All

Can you imagine life without friends? Friendships are such an important part of our lives, regardless of one’s age. They enable you to share your feelings and emotions— by laughing, crying or simply just by talking. Often, sharing concerns with your friends feels like a huge weight is lifted off of your shoulders.

Friendships among elders can span decades, therefore it is emotionally devastating for seniors when a close friend passes on. Seniors who loose friends may feel disconnected and isolated. At the Estates on Admiral’s Hill, we understand this and do everything possible so that our residents will forge new friendships. In fact, new residents are welcomed with open arms! We offer many opportunities for socialization, including three meals a day in our restaurant style dining room, scheduled daily activities, a 24 hour coffee shop and a warm and welcoming staff. Truly, it is difficult for anyone to feel disconnected here. At the Estates, it’s easy for residents to build relationships with others and establish essential support connections.

Assisted living residences offer many wonderful benefits, but in my opinion, the heightened socialization factor is definitely number one. When you spend your days doing the things you love with people whose company you enjoy, it helps take your mind off such things as health issues or psychological concerns. To that end, the Estates on Admirals Hill offers a myriad of ways for residents to make new friends and interact with each other on a daily basis.

To take a tour of our community or to learn more about our socialization opportunities through our robust recreational programming, contact Kristen Donnelly at kdonnelly@chelseajewish.org.

This blog is courtesy of Kristen Donnelly, Marketing Director at the Estates on Admiral’s Hill in Chelsea, MA.