April 7, 2021

Social Work Month at Katzman Center for Living

March is designated as Social Work Month and the 2021 observance is more meaningful than ever. This year, the theme for the month-long celebration is Social Workers Are Essential. And rightly so!

For Janice Cole, LICSW at Katzman Family Center for Living, it has been a year unlike no other. “Certainly, it has been a challenging year for social workers — as it has been for everyone in the country,” commented Cole.” I have always thought of social work as a noble profession which challenges me to bring my best strengths when working with residents. We work with people when they are most vulnerable and we have to provide constructive ways in assisting in problem solving and giving hope that things will get better. During my social work career I have had the honor of working with dedicated professionals in all disciplines. I have learned so much from all of these people.”

Janice enjoys establishing meaningful connections with the residents and their families. “As we navigate through all kinds of uncharted territory, it’s important to have these relationships. I hope we are able to change people’s lives, one by one,” said Janice.

Today, Janice is grateful to have had a 38 year career as a social worker in numerous settings. “For me, It has been a rich experience.” She added, “I think I received much more than I offered. I want to focus on making happy and life changing moments for everyone, so people know that they are important and have just as remarkable journeys and life experiences as everyone else.”

As she continues  Janice has one primary goal. “I want everyone to feel loved and special,” said Cole, “The power of community, whether it is family, friends or a helping environment can help change their lives, cannot be overstated. Life is long and rich.”

We applaud Janice for her hard work, dedication, loyalty and for the many positive contributions she has made to the residents and families at the Katzman Family Center for Living.