October 28, 2015

Show Your Appreciation

By Mary Jeanne DiChicco, Director of Clinical Mentorship, Chelsea Jewish Lifecare
How often do you remember to tell people how much you like, admire, or appreciate them? For most, it’s not often enough.
There are several reasons why people don’t share their positive feelings towards others. They may be embarrassed, nervous, or feel that the person already knows what a good job they do. Telling someone that you like, admire, or appreciate the work they do is a random act of kindness. It takes little to no effort, yet it pays enormous dividends.
Think about how many opportunities there are in your day to show your appreciation. At the Chelsea Jewish Lifecare, appreciation could be expressed to the following:
• The housekeeper who keeps our houses so clean
• The Shahbaz and CNAs who provide exceptional care to our residents and patients
• Our residents, patients, and families, for choosing our facility as their home/rehab
Here’s an example of how easy it is to show one’s appreciation: I was at a meeting this week and the presenter did a fabulous job. I shared my thoughts in front of the group that the presentation was extremely well prepared and organized. Not only did I feel good about sharing my appreciation for their hard work, but I know it made the presenter feel good as well.
Remember, it only takes a few seconds to let someone know that you appreciate them, so do it as often as you can. It very well could end up being the highlight of their day!