September 16, 2015

Shapiro-Rudolph Gives Back Program

Activities in adult day centers, long-term care facilities, and assisted living residences are designed to meet the physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual needs of their members.  One area is often overlooked: the ability to help clients and residents feel that they can continue to be productive and contributing members of society.
Many of the clients of the Shapiro-Rudolph Adult Day Center (SRADC) come from having worked all their lives and find difficulty accepting the inevitable changes that occur with aging. Some were involved with charitable work, while others held important positions within organizations, both of which gave their lives meaning and purpose. Every individual wants to feel that they are productive members of society. They want to feel that no matter what physical or cognitive issues they have, they are still valued as human beings. This is why the SRADC is constantly striving to meet the needs of their diverse clientele by creating innovative programming like the “Shapiro-Rudolph Gives Back” program.
The “Give Back” program, comprised of a diverse range of volunteer activities, is designed to enable clients to use their diverse set of skills and expertise. In short, it enables them to give back to the community. The volunteer opportunities span over the course of a year, reaching a number of agencies in the local communities. All in all, it is a “win-win” situation for the clients and for the agencies.
Some of the programs for clients that have been developed by the SRADC include:

  • Baking cookies that are sent overseas to our troops in Afghanistan
  • Gathering blankets, towels and newspapers, and baking dog biscuits with students from the Cohen Hillel Academy to donate to the Northeast Animal Shelter
  • Gathering toys for the North Shore Children’s Hospital and Toys for Tots
  • Gathering coats for winter coat drives
  • Assisting in the gift shop at the Waldfogel Health Center
  • Coordinating with newsletter mailings

At the SRADC, we pride ourselves on thinking outside of “stereotypical” assisted living activities such as bingo. Stay tuned to see what innovative program we develop next!