October 11, 2021

See What’s Happening at the Leonard Florence Center for Living!

There is always something going on at the LFCL every day of the week! “Musical Mondays” are quite popular, with different performers entertaining the residents. Most recently Steve Hershman, a talented local pianist, played a medley of popular songs for the residents. Also on the horizon: a musical concert with Ronald Nowlan on Sunday, October 24. Ronald has a unique way of getting everyone immersed in his music. Sandie Cowie offers an array of arts and craft projects on Wednesdays, along with Jimy Aguilar’s beloved scrabble game. And as always, bingo continues to be a huge attraction. After all, who doesn’t love a good game of bingo?

Wishing the following residents a very happy birthday. Hope it’s a wonderful day!

  • Barbara Myers: October 1
  • Lois Fabiano: October 2
  • Patrick O’Brien: October 5
  • Jennie Longo: October 6
  • Marie Esteve: October 9
  • Fabio Lopee: October 10
  • Pasqualina Palumbo: October 15
  • Frank Mercier: October 20
  • Melissa King: October 30
  • Jeffrey Marshall: October 31