November 28, 2012

Seasons moving fast… too fast …

Our monthly health series is authored by Patrice Cahill – Fitness Manager at Aviv Centers for Living
Not long ago, I was walking through a local department store and noticed that something strange was going on.  Now, this phenomenon happens every year and each year it strikes me again and again.
Its’ still autumn yet I see “holiday this, holiday that and so on”.  This gives me that little gut wrenching feeling that I’m sure you all share, once summer goes, how fast the holiday season indeed does come!
Now in fitness terms, this is normally the time of year that a lot of people don’t think to start a fitness program since they are “much too busy” getting ready for the upcoming holidays.
New members are just a memory of the past summer season and far too many don’t think about their fitness needs at all.  Most people in fact, think once the holidays are over, their “New Years’ Resolutions” for fitness will start.
Well I am here to tell you…Don’t!  Don’t put off your fitness programs to start in January!  These upcoming months are some of the busiest, most stressful and “bad food” months that happen all year long!  I say it’s time for this madness to end!  Most of the folks I work with every day are very committed to their fitness regimes.  Each day at Woodbridge, residents come and workout and do their very best to keep in shape all year long.  For this – I commend them!
However, there are still some people that fitness seems to be at the bottom of their “to do” list. These are the people that I want to get the message across of getting started in fitness NOW and then as you move through this very busy time of the year, amazing things will happen.  Your stress levels will not actually decrease but will seem too.  Your hustle and bustle will not really stop, but you will be able to handle the load much more efficiently and the ever popular fear and dread of those “once a year foods” won’t seem to matter quite so much.
If you start fitness NOW instead of waiting another month, YOU will already be in your fitness program, your body will have adjusted to it and your mind will be eased knowing that you are not going to have to start a “New Year’s Resolution” in the fitness world but you have already started and are succeeding in it!
So, bring on the turkey!  Bring on the stores!  Bring on the stressful days!  You my dear readers can handle anything!  You are THE fitness elite and trust me, no one will ever tell me otherwise!  Keep making me proud!