June 19, 2024

Our Co-Op Students at BCL Make Us Proud!

L-R Fernanda Lopez, Valery Mauricio Gomez and Lismar Pimentel

There are three very special employees at Brudnick Center for Living. Valery Mauricio Gomez, Fernanda Lopez and Lismar Pimentel have all been working at BCL as part of the Lynn Technical School Co-Op Program. After graduation they are all entering college, each having received a full tuition scholarship to three highly acclaimed schools. Valery will be attending Merrimack College; Lismar has been accepted at Northeastern University and Fernanda will be going to the University of Pennsylvania. Not surprisingly, all will be embarking upon nursing programs.

“We are so very proud of these three individuals,” said Tammy Starion, Executive Director of Brudnick Center for Living. “They are exemplary employees who demonstrate, every day, a high degree of compassion, dedication and loyalty. I have no doubt they will make exceptional nurses!”

The co-op program at Lynn Technical School enables students to extend their learning experience into a real work environment as employees. In essence, these work cooperative programs place students with different employers throughout the community to give them real world experience and show the students what it’s like to work in a variety of companies and organizations.

The co-op program was invaluable to Valery, Lismar and Fernando. “It is important for nursing students to have bed-side CNA clinical experience before getting into nursing school,” said Lismar Pimentel, who resides in Lynn. For Lismar, developing relationships with the residents is the best part of the job. “Providing the residents with a shoulder to lean makes me grateful for the skills to help and care for them. The experience I and the other students gain from being a CNA enables us to acquire the empathy we need as well as overcome the challenges that come with nursing early on. Being a hands-on CNA is the perfect training ground for nursing school.”

Fernanda Lopez points out that the structure of the houses at BCL fosters a sense of community. “My house, Berkeley, is made up of amazing residents and co-workers, which makes my job very enjoyable. Both staff and residents here have been so welcoming from the very beginning.” Fernando also noted that working at BCL taught her how to treat a resident with compassion and understanding. “It’s much different working with real people as opposed to the mannequins used in CNA courses. “I learned how to quickly react in situations that are unexpected, how to properly understand their emotions through nonverbal gestures, and how to care for a patient without the intimidation of hurting them.” Added Lopez, “The encouragement and recognition I received at BCL fuels my passion for nursing.”

Congratulations Lismar, Valery and Fernanda. We look forward to seeing you on vacations and holidays.

Pictured Above L-R: Valery Mauricio Gomez, Fernanda Lopez, Lismar Pimentel