June 19, 2020

Mother and Daughter Reunite at Cohen Florence Levine Estates

Rosalie Sussman had not seen her daughter, Gloria Dove, for over three months. When the Massachusetts Department of Health issued a no-visitors policy for assisted livings and nursing homes throughout the state due to COVID-19, Rosalie, a resident of Cohen, Florence Levine Estates, was unable to visit with her daughter and other family members. Although Gloria and Rosalie spoke two or three times a day, and saw each other via FaceTime and Zoom, it was not nearly the same as meeting in person. Thus, their first get-together in early June when outdoor visits were allowed, was a special time for both.

“It was such a wonderful day,” said Gloria.“Even though we could not hug or kiss, it meant the world to be sitting across from her, seeing her smile and laugh. I missed that.”

Rosalie moved into Cohen Florence Levine Estates in January of 2017 and has quickly become a beloved and admired resident. “We absolutely adore her,” said Yari Velez, Executive Director of Cohen Florence Levine Estates. “Rosalie is such a vital part of our community; she’s personable, friendly, warm and full of love.”

Gloria toured over 20 assisted livings before choosing Cohen Florence Levine Estates for her mom. “The minute I walked into the Chelsea residence, I felt right at home,” said Gloria. “I immediately liked what I saw and what I heard from the residents, staff members and families.” She added, “The staff genuinely seem to like and care about each other as well as the residents. That makes a huge difference.”

In appreciation of the hard-working staff, Gloria and Rosalie recently orchestrated a pizza party lunch for the entire staff. “It was such a thoughtful gesture,” said Velez. “We were so touched by their show of support for us. These last few months have been challenging for everyone, and to know they care about the staff here makes us feel very appreciated.”

For Gloria, knowing her mom is happy provides her with a wonderful peace of mind. “The staff treats Rosalie like she is part of their family. What could be better?”