September 20, 2021

Message from Adam Berman, President of Chelsea Jewish Lifecare

Dear Residents and Families,

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is, among other things, a time of reflection of the past year and thinking about what lies ahead.  As an organization we have faced our share of challenges over the past year, but I am thankful that due to high vaccination rates, diligent work by our staff, and consideration shown by visitors and vendors, we have had few COVID cases and no spread.  Unfortunately the few cases we have had required us to place temporary limitations on visitation, communal gatherings, and other important activities that are so important for the qualify of life of residents.

While I do not expect society to be completely free of COVID in the year ahead, I am hopeful that given low rates of infection among the vaccinated, a fully-vaccinated workforce (our mandate is set to go into effect in early October), and vaccine boosters, that the federal and state regulatory bodies permit us to get back a bit closer to “normal” so that an isolated case does not impact our operations and the lives of those who are under our care.  If there is one wish I have for the year ahead, it is that we have more in-person connections.

On another note, our monthly newsletters will now cover both our skilled nursing and assisted living residences.  We will share news, information, milestones as well as take a look at the people who make our organization so special.


Adam Berman
Chelsea Jewish Lifecare