August 12, 2021

Message from Adam Berman, President of Chelsea Jewish Lifecare

Dear Residents and Families,

After several months of very low COVID infection rates, we have started to see cases rise throughout the state. It is for this reason that both the Department of Public Health and our internal clinical leadership team have developed new policies to protect against outbreaks. (For more information, visit the Chelsea Jewish Lifecare website.) Please know that we view these measures as temporary. Once cases start to decline and all staff are vaccinated, we anticipate that things will ease up again. We all want our residences to return to normal as soon as it is safely possible.

On the vaccination front, we are putting our staff mandate in place. Almost all employees will have received at least one dose by September 1st, with final doses administered by September 26th. The tremendous support we received from residents and families validated our decision to be the first long-term care provider in MA to announce a staff mandate. As a result, we are pleased to be taking this necessary next step.

Sometimes it seems as though we are taking two steps forward and one step back. But the important thing to realize is that overall, we do continue to move forward. The safety and health of our residents and staff remains our number one priority.


Adam Berman
Chelsea Jewish Lifecare