April 18, 2022

Message from Adam Berman, CEO of Chelsea Jewish Lifecare

Dear Residents and Families,

As we embark upon the spring season, I am truly grateful we are able to hold activities again. It’s important to interact with others, share special occasions and participate in outdoor events. While COVID cases are up in the country overall, the good news is that the vaccines offer protection from the virus and we remain vigilant in our efforts to keep the virus at bay in our residences.

For our residents and families who celebrate Easter, I hope you had a wonderful day and enjoyed this special holiday. For those who celebrate Passover, may the weeklong festival be a time to reflect on the significance of the Passover rituals.

To all our families, residents, friends and loved ones, thank you for your continued support. I look forward to the days ahead!


Adam Berman
Chelsea Jewish Lifecare