September 9, 2022

Meet Executive Director Tammy Starion RN, BSN, MS

Tammy Starion headshotTammy Starion knew early in life that she wanted to be a nurse. Her grandmother talked to her often about how she herself had wanted to become a nurse but wasn’t allowed to choose nursing as a profession. These conversations resonated with Tammy, but it wasn’t until 7th grade, when her brother was in a serious car accident, that Tammy realized she had found her calling. “For three months, I would walk to the hospital every day after school to visit him,” recalled Tammy. “I would help him with physical therapy, wash his hair, and keep him company. Looking back, I feel like I was born to be a nurse!”

Working as a CNA for five years while getting her BSN degree provided Tammy with a valuable training. Tammy admits it was “the hardest job I’ve ever had” but also noted that she loved it. She then worked in the Intensive Care Unit at Salem Hospital, opening up the Cardiac Surgical Unit. After being employed in an acute care setting for 13 years, Tammy ultimately returned to long-term care. As Chelsea Jewish Lifecare’s Director of Nurses for six years, Tammy supported each and every nurse on her staff. Today, in her role as Executive Director, Tammy focuses upon maintaining a high quality of life for the residents. “Making life mean something to our residents by providing as much quality as possible is my mission,” stated Tammy. “I truly enjoy listening to their stories and seeing them smile. There is nothing better.”

Tammy lives with her fiancé, 12 year old son and 28 year old stepdaughter. She moved to Danvers two years ago after living her entire life in Peabody but is still very active in the Peabody community. “I only moved two miles away, but I feel like I moved cross country,” said Tammy with a laugh. “The good news is that I only have a 7 minute commute to get to work!” Tammy’s son Dylan attends school in Peabody and plays on the Peabody football team. Added Tammy, “I am grateful that I have established relationships with so many wonderful people in the community. My heart belongs in Peabody!”

Transitioning from Director of Nurses to Executive Director allows Tammy to focus on every department at the Brudnick Center, supporting staff members and making the residents and families feel at home. Tammy feels fortunate that she knows so many of our residents personally as a result of growing up in the area. “Helping individuals and families is incredibly rewarding,” said Tammy. “I always look forward to receiving letters and calls about the exceptional quality of care at the Brudnick Center.”

For Tammy, the Executive Director at the Brudnick Center for Living position is near and dear to her heart. As she explains, “Anyone who knows me knows I am ‘living the dream.’ Life is short and I believe we should all make the best of every day.” Clearly, Tammy makes each day better for our residents and our staff.