September 30, 2020

Meet Christopher Cavarretta, Executive Director at Brudnick Center for Living

Chris Cavarretta, Executive Director of Brudnick Center for LivingChris Cavarretta likes to keep busy. As Executive Director of the Jeffrey and Susan Brudnick Center for Living, Cavaretta oversees the day-to-day operations at the sprawling skilled nursing residence. Most recently, he has created opportunities for residents to stay active, despite the pandemic restrictions. Outdoor visits and FaceTime calls with families have been his top priority, along with outside concerts, which are streamed live on the Brudnick Center for Living channel. Chris is excited about the gradual return of amenities for the residents. “Betty, our much beloved hair stylist, is back working her magic at the salon,” said Chris. “We are all thrilled to have her here.”Chris Cavarretta and family at a lighthouse

Chris holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of Utah and a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Development from Southern New Hampshire University. Chris possesses over four years’ experience in the skilled nursing field. Most recently, he held the position of Nursing Home Administrator at AdviniaCare in Salem.

Chris met his wife Nicole when they were serving in the Air Force while stationed in New Mexico. Today they are the proud parents of Madison (18), Daniel (16), Jonah (13) and Isaiah (10), along with their devoted English bulldog. It is an active household indeed.

There is no doubt that Chris is adventuresome. A self-proclaimed sports fanatic and historian, he has driven across the country nine times – twice without a cell phone! He enjoys traveling because it allows him to meet a wide variety of individuals.

Since his arrival at the skilled nursing residence this summer, Chris has been amazed at the outpouring of love for the Center. “It’s wonderful to see how proud the residents and their families are of the Brudnick Center,” said Cavaretta. “They respect its history while looking forward to its future. Clearly, our residents and families are what makes Brudnick so incredibly special.”