April 1, 2024

Making Friends and Memories on Our Peabody Campus!

As the seasons change and the days unfold, our residents at the Harriett and Ralph Kaplan Estates and the Susan and Jeffrey Brudnick Center for Living  continue to thrive. Take a look at the heartwarming activities that have brought joy, creativity, and connection to our residents.

In February, we delved into our artistic side as our budding artists gathered for an enjoyable “Paint and Sip” afternoon, where we painted serene “winterscapes.” The strokes of our brushes captured the magic of snowy landscapes, and laughter filled the room as we shared our creations. What a talented group we have!

In celebration of Sweetheart’s Day, our residents put together beautiful door décor. Hearts adorned with ribbons, flowers, and love-filled messages graced our hallways, welcoming all who passed by. Our resident “gallery” showcases smiling faces and shared moments. It’s heartwarming to see our residents reminiscing and celebrating each other in such a positive light.

Over 30 residents attend an engaging presentation about Australia. We explored its vibrant culture, unique geography, and fascinating wildlife. Aussie slang added a playful twist to our learning experience! Afterward, we indulged in traditional Australian desserts—a delicious “lamington” as well as a bread spread with Vegemite.

Our Tu B’Shevat celebration was fun and festive for all. For the holiday, which is often described as a “Jewish New Year for trees,” residents attended a presentation about the seven fruits and grains. Also under the realm of nature was an art activity with dried leaves and flowers.

Pizza Making with Tony DiCicco was one of the most popular activities of the winter. Residents and staff gathered in our communal kitchen for a lively pizza-making session. Each resident crafted their own pizza from scratch, and the aroma of freshly baked pies filled the air. Tony DiCicco, a former pizzeria owner from Peabody, shared his expertise, expertly flipping crusts with his son by his side. It’s a special form of art!

On a recent lunch trip to Red’s, it was easy to see why the restaurant is so popular. The hamburger was nearly as big as the plate! Good food, great company, and shared stories made the outing memorable and fun.

The much anticipated Purim Parade was definitely a highlight of the season. Sarff and residents from BCL and Kaplan gathered together in the Great Room for the costume parade, refreshments and dancing. It was great to have everyone all together! This year Betty Gordon, who was dressed as Queen Esther, made the front page of the Boston Globe Metro section, along with parade leader Lee Merrill. Lee dressed in a very creative Barbie costume. It was a wonderful day!

At Harriett and Ralph Kaplan Estates and the Susan and Jeffrey Brudnick Center for Living, our residents continue to inspire us with their creativity, resilience, and zest for life. As we embrace each day together, we look forward to more shared experiences and cherished memories.