October 10, 2022

Look What’s Happening in Peabody!

Senior Day at Brooksby Farm proved to be a huge hit with residents and staff alike. The group shopped for locally sourced items in the popular Farm Store, listened to catchy tunes and savored delicious BBQ foods.

Over at the Brudnick Center, residents thoroughly enjoyed Tom Sheehan’s musical entertainment. There was a great deal of clapping, singing, dancing and laughter. On the artistic front, residents got creative making festive centerpieces for the dining area as well as bird feeders for the patio. The colors and designs were impressive!

Our annual Fall Harvest Festivals, always a fun event, will be held throughout October. Live entertainment with Bill Sokolow, followed by delicious fall goodies and libations, showcases the flavors of autumn. Another widely attended activity: the Sukkot services at Kaplan Estates. The North Shore campus celebrated Sukkot with live services led by Ellen Gordon, while residents at BCL had access to a live streaming of Sukkot Services from Congregation Shirat Hayam.

Last, but certainly not least, both Kaplan and BCL embarked upon Oktoberfest parties. Oktoberfest, which celebrates the marriage of King Louis I of Bavaria and Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen, is the annual festival in Munich, German. The original festival, held in 1810, included food, drinks, games, and horse races. We simulated the entire festival with music by Eddie Marando and traditional favorites such as beer, root beer, ginger beer, pretzels with mustard, hot dogs with sauerkraut and flakey strudel. The celebration concluded with our very own version of “races at the horse track!”