October 10, 2023

Look What’s Happening at the Katzman Family Center for Living

A Katzman resident enjoys an outing to a restaurant.

October has been a busy and productive month over at the Katzman Center. Sukkot, always a special time of year, allowed residents to attend services in the courtyard led by Cantor Sidney Zimmerman. Many reminisced and shared memories of past holidays, talking about the different sukkahs they have built over the years.

In support of the 15th Annual ALS & MS Walk for Living that was held on October 15, we hosted a Bazaar Sale. The turnout was great and the fundraising even better. KCL raised over $1000 for the event!

Residents enjoyed a wonderful evening of music performed by Lin Darcy and Jim Moses. Everyone was enthusiastically singing along to the songs! Out and about, residents savored delicious seafood at the Tides restaurant in Nahant.

Not surprisingly, Katzman Center is home to a very talented group of residents. There have been so many creative artistic projects. Most recently, residents made vibrant sunflower wreaths out of painted clothespins. Even the residents were impressed by how amazing the wreaths turned out! Up next, they are working on erecting a “Tree of Life,” which is the logo for Chelsea Jewish Lifecare. It will be proudly displayed in the Center for all to see. The “Tree of Life” is our organization’s logo, and our motto at KCL is just as meaningful. Here at Katzman we firmly believe in “Living Life to the Fullest!”