August 14, 2023

Look What’s Happening at Leonard Florence Center for Living!

August is chock full of games, singing, dancing and interesting conversations at the Leonard Florence Center. Residents thoroughly enjoyed The Lost 45’s with Barry Scott event. Activities Director Jimi Angular noted that all song requests were fulfilled. “Residents had their own personal DJ’s,” said Jimi. “Residents were able to ask for tunes from the 30’s all the way up to the 90’s as well as from their favorite TV shows and even from vintage TV commercials. The day sparked many happy memories.

Other activities include live music concerts, Happy Hour Karaoke, Trivia & Tunes, restaurant outings and our popular Playbill Summer Concert Series. Both residents and staff enjoy the spirit of camaraderie that is always present. It’s a very closeknit group.

Wishing the following residents a very Happy Birthday!

  • Richard P: August 1
  • Jerome O: August 3
  • Annmarie G: August 3
  • Thomas B: August 23