November 9, 2021

Look What’s Happening at Kaplan Estates!

The Kaplan crowd loves the weekly Zumba classes, especially when they are performed to the tune of swing music. There are smiles and laughter all around.

Both Kaplan Estates and Brudnick Center held their very own version of the famed Topsfield Fair. Residents played a variety of games, relishing the chances to win fun prizes. The delicious snacks were also a hit: root beer floats, ice cream treats, and fried dough topped with powdered sugar and/or cinnamon. It was obvious from the animated conversations that the residents were truly enjoying themselves. Residents also reminisced about attending the “real” Topsfield Fair, sharing stories of fair outings with their children and grandchildren.

Clay classes, taught by the talented Mandy, were a highlight of the month. Residents were excited to try a new activity. And who knew you could create a piece of clay art without a kiln, but with tin foil and a bowl instead? The residents molded the clay, left them to dry, and painted them a few weeks later. What amazing works of art! We cannot wait to see what other creative ideas Mandy has in store for our residents.

Our Legacy residents participated in a creative crafts class. The group made colorful jewelry pieces that are beautiful to wear, yet also make perfect holiday gifts. So many talented artists under one roof!

We are in the midst of planning a special celebration for our Kaplan residents who have reached the amazing milestone of turning 100. Currently, we have five residents in our “Century Club,” ranging in age from 100 to 107. In the near future, we will honor Thelma Taylor, Marty Lawson, Kay Morrocco, Leon Ditchek and Rose Regis with a memorable luncheon celebration. Congratulations to all of you!