May 8, 2023

Look What’s Happening at Cohen Florence Levine Estates and Florence & Chafetz

A courtyard concert

This Mother’s Day, we gave beautiful butterfly mirror compacts to every female resident and staff member. Hoping the day was as special as you are!

Our employee of the month for March was Nadia Chery. Nadia is an amazing home health aide who is indispensable to our Florence & Chafetz residents. Nadia, along with Cathie Mesina, spearheaded the hugely successful fashion show in March. Nadia even came in on her days off to make sure everything was ready to go. She also started a book club at night with the F&C residents. Congratulations Nadia!

Restaurant trips to the Cheesecake Factory and The Continental promise good food and animated conversation. Also on the agenda are Mystery Rides, Great Room concerts, Paint Day, movies, book club and more. Over at Florence & Chafetz, residents and staff made coffee filter flowers that were used to decorate our May calendar. Additionally, we have two new hair stylists at the salon, so please stop by and say hello.

Bargain hunters and fashionistas will be out in full force on May 17 for the popular “Judy’s Jewels Sale.” Gently used clothing, costume jewelry and accessories will be available for purchase at amazing prices. All proceeds benefit the Estates on Admiral’s Hill Activities Department, so this event is for a very good cause. Happy shopping!