May 12, 2022

Look What’s Happening at Cohen Florence Levine Estates and Florence & Chafetz

Passover was a truly wonderful celebration this year at our residences. Amidst delicious food, beautifully set tables, and a Seder led by Cantor Ellen Farber, residents enjoyed this special holiday. The Boston Globe even sent a photographer to capture the memorable moments. The Seder was held in the Great Room, which allowed all three pods to be together.

Outings this month included Green Tea Restaurant and several shopping trips. We also held a tea party with Siggy Moller and a birthday party with Thom Sheehan.

Cathie, our activities director and Nadia one of our home health aides, put together a festive spring luncheon for the residents of Florence & Chafetz. Tables were decorated with spring flowers in a dazzling array of colors. The residents had a ball!

Lastly, we’d like to extend a very warm welcome to new Director of Dietary Services Richard Howell. He’s already made a favorable impression by switching up the menu with items such as “meditation” haddock, veal, and lemon chicken!