August 3, 2020

Ken Dudzik’s 61st Birthday

There was a special birthday celebration at Leonard Florence Center for Living (LFCL) last week. Ken Dudzik, one of our residents in the Dapper McDonald ALS Home, turned 61 and was honored with a socially distanced Zoom party. Staff and residents worked hard to make the day memorable for Ken – and they succeeded!

As part of the festivities, Ken was presented with a special gift: a 15.6-inch Alexa digital smart photo frame. The frame will allow Ken’s family to upload happenings from their lives and  share with Ken on a regular basis. Brightly colored balloons and delicious food from the renowned Kowloon restaurant added to the party’s ambience.

Ken moved into LFCL in February and has quickly made himself right at home. “Ken is beloved by both staff and residents,” said Joseph “Coty” Miller, Recreation Program Director of the Leonard Florence Center for Living. “Not only is Ken a highly  intelligent and caring person, he brings a degree of enthusiasm that makes us all smile. Ken brings joy to the McDonald house every single day.”

For Ken, it was indeed a day to remember. “I know a lot of effort went into making this party possible,” said Dudzik. “Truthfully, I was amazed by how many people were able to attend the Zoom party. Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen. I really appreciate it.”

Happy 61st Birthday Ken!