May 11, 2023

Katzman Family Center for Living Abuzz with Activity in May

A Katzman resident with her flower arrangement

May is a busy and exciting month at KCL. We kicked off our 2nd Annual Bazaar Sale with great success, raising over $500. All proceeds will benefit this year’s ALS & MS Walk for Living. Residents, staff, and family members did their part by attending – and shopping!

Resident Rose Taverna celebrated a milestone birthday. Rose recently turned 100! Staff gathered together to offer congratulations and best wishes. Rose summed up this momentous occasion pragmatically. “You are as old as you feel, and I don’t feel a day over 70,” said Rose with a smile. Very sound advice Rose!

There is good news on the food front. Chef Chuck Magno and Dietician Donna Saks met with residents to discuss a brand new seasonal menu. Chuck and Donna wanted to offer some of the residents’ favorite dishes that they have savored over their lifetime. Residents even had a say in how these dishes were to be prepared. Of course, the dietary team made sure the recipes followed the kosher guidelines. Residents are eager to try such new dishes as chicken marsala, seafood salad on toasted rolls, shepherd’s pie, and grilled turkey tips, to name a few. Thank you to Chef Magno and Dietician Donna Saks for your time, hard work, and creativity!

Mother’s Day is a time to honor that special lady in our lives. Our female residents and staff were given thoughtful gifts, enjoying a Mother’s Day program comprised of music, games, prizes, and delicious treats.

On the art front, residents were given the chance to let their “inner artist out” with our Art Workshop. We made delicious mini breads from scratch using a variety of ingredients. No two breads were alike, but they were all delicious.

April showers brought May flowers and it’s a joy to see them blooming in our courtyard. The flowers mark the start of a fun-filled summer and, with it, the opportunity to make great new memories!