May 1, 2009

Jewish Rehabilitation Centers for Living Creates New Management Footprint to Pave the Road for Continued Growth

Stephen H. Neff, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Jewish Rehabilitation Centers for Living (JRCL), is proud to announce the following promotions: Katy Tavares, JRCL Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Gopen, Jewish Rehabilitation Center (JRC) Executive Director and Jean Cicatelli, JRC Director of Nursing. “In an extremely difficult economy, with substantial competition, our size and scope of services has grown. The JRCL is an organization that is proud to grow from within,” says Neff, noting that the JRCL awarded nineteen internal promotions in 2008.
Along with recently adding home care and private duty care to its spectrum of services, the JRC, Woodbridge Assisted Living and Shapiro Rudolph Adult Day Center, continue to grow creating new opportunities for staff. Weinstock was formerly the JRCL COO and JRC Administrator. He now will focus exclusively on his role as COO managing quality initiatives, long-term program planning and enhancing services for patients, residents, clients and employees.   Tavares, who was the JRCL New Business Development Director, will now serve as the JRCL Chief Marketing Officer, overseeing the organization’s communications, sales and marketing efforts as well as supporting JRCL’s certified home care and private duty companies. Gopen was named JRC Executive Director and will be the Administrator of Record for the JRC, responsible for its day-to-day operations. Cicatelli, who was the JRC Clinical Services Director, has advanced to JRC Director of Nursing.
“I am proud to serve an organization that values its people and is fully committed to hiring and retaining the best in the industry and to deliver the very best care to our elders,” says Neff. Neff went on to note that in 2008 the JRCL eldercare system,  which includes the Jewish Rehabilitation Center, Woodbridge Assisted Living, Shapiro Rudolph Adult Day Center and JRCL Home Care, LLC, experienced its best operational success; the system served over 1,000 seniors in 2008 and has grown 25% in the last two years.