May 11, 2021

iPod and SanDisk Mp3 player Donations Needed

We are making personalized musical playlists for our residents living with Dementia to enjoy! The Katzman Family Center for Living is requesting gently used ipods or new SanDisk clip Jam Mp3 players to store and play music for our residents. Providing personalized music is known to be tremendously successful in reaching individuals with dementia where other methods have failed. Personalized music selections are compiled and placed on iPods or Mp3 players; these musical favorites tap deep memories not lost to dementia. Even for persons with severe dementia, music can facilitate strong emotional recall. 

“We are very excited to begin piloting this program at KCL in the very near future,”  said Susan LeClaire, Therapeutic Activities Director for KCL. ”Currently, we need new and/or used iPods as well as SanDisk clip Jam Mp3 players. Once we have the devices, we’ll ask several residents and their families to help us determine personal favorites. This takes time with our Memory Care residents to find the right songs and trial them with each resident for best fit. We’ll then be able to download personalized musical playlists tailored specifically to each resident.” Added LeClaire,”This program has proven to be effective for people with dementia. The power of personalized music helps change lives.” 

Donations can be dropped off or mailed to the Activities Department at the Katzman Family Center for Living, 17 Lafayette Avenue in Chelsea. For questions or to arrange donations, please contact Susan LeClaire at or call  617-409-2685 X2015.