October 22, 2015

Independence and Perspective

By Kristen Donnelly, Admissions Coordinator & Resident Relations, The Estates on Admiral’s Hill
Children and teens crave independence as they grow up. Think about what independence means to them: the freedom to do things on their own without constant supervision or direction. For children, this event could be their first sleepover, first field trip without a parent, first summer camp. For teens, it is often their first dance, first date, first car, first job, or first time leaving home. They work hard to maintain their independence while growing up. Once our children they leave home, they are officially on their own and the word independence rarely enters their mind. This is in sharp contrast to adults; they fight to maintain their independence as the aging process begins.
Working at the assisted living residence, the word “independence” enters my mind, comes out of my mouth and is in every conversation I have with family members and residents – each and every day. No one is ever really ready to leave their home. After all, this means changing their routine and abandoning life as they know it. Most people associate an assisted living residence with the loss of independence.
In reality, assisted living is just a different way to live. The Estates on Admirals Hill provides residents with new friends, hobbies, and amenities. It is not the end of their independence, but rather a transformation of independence. In fact, each of our residents acquires a new “family,” establishing strong relationships with other residents as well as with staff members. The residents participate in activities, outings, celebrations and meal times. They and their families also have the security of knowing someone is always there if they need it.  Residents gain a new perspective on life, and with it, a deeper understanding of what independence is truly all about.