November 28, 2011

Holiday Fitness To Do List

It’s November and as my dear Grandmother used to say, “The holidays are here!” People celebrate this time of year very differently but there are a few common elements that mark this wonderful and very festive time of year. The list often includes: stress, overeating and sadly, skipping workouts. As hard as this concept is to imagine, people SKIP their fitness routines! Since this time of year brings a lot of stress, one of the worst things a person can do is stop exercising! Can you believe it? People stop exercising! The holiday stretch is probably the worst time of year to put the brakes on your workout routine. The stresses (both good and bad) and all the other wonderful things that contribute to the festive vibe need energy, clear minds and good strong bodies that can withstand the pressures we put ourselves under. At this time of year when giving is the primary message we hear, I have a suggestion – give a gift to you! It doesn’t have to cost a lot. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time. It won’t spoil your appetite. Can you guess what that is? The one gift you need to bestow upon yourself is the keep up with your workout routine. Below I have compiled a few little tricks and tips to help you to keep that gift from going to your waist (grins!).

-On your calendar, block off the times you usually do your workout or attend your fitness classes. Mark the dates in a colorful vibrant pen and don’t schedule anything when you need to do your workout. In other words, don’t miss the class!-Bring a friend! If the occasion calls for a luncheon or dinner celebration – bring a friend to your gym or class before the celebration and then go out and celebrate after the class is done!
-Change it up a little! If you normally work out to music, change that music to reflect the holiday season and sing along! Work your lungs as much as you are your body.
-Keep to your normal eating schedule as much as you can. Different and fun holiday foods will be available but try to go easy on them.
-Park (if in a safe, well lit area) so you will need to walk as far as you can to get to the store or mall. While you are shopping, walk around the store or mall between looking at merchandise. Try to do the same amount of walking you would normally do during your exercise program but combine it with your holiday shopping.

As you can see, there is no reason to give up your fitness endeavors over the long holiday season. In fact, keeping up your fitness lifestyle will allow you to enjoy this season even more! You should be able to sleep more soundly, have more energy to party and even allow the occasional piece of holiday pie or a hot toddy! After all, this season only comes around once a year so enjoy and if you keep up your program – you will! Warm wishes for a wonderful holiday season from everyone here at Aviv Centers for Living.