April 1, 2024

Happenings at the Leonard Florence Center for Living

As we transition from winter to spring, let’s reflect on the myriad of activities that have enriched our lives at the Leonard Florence Center for Living. From spiritual gatherings to movie matinees, our residents and staff come together to create a warm and engaging environment.

LFCL recently initiated an in-person Catholic communion group which is held every Saturday. Resident James Nowlan expressed his joy, stating, “I’m so happy that LFCL respects all religions.” This inclusive approach exemplifies our commitment to honor diverse faiths. Pastor Argelis Contreras leads monthly Christian services, fostering a strong community connection.

Back by popular demand, our movie matinees have returned! In April, we’ll be screening “King Richard,” a film about the inspiring journey of the Williams sisters’ father. Join us for cinematic enjoyment and shared moments. Also in April, Bobby Roast Beef will host a trivia gameshow, blending elements from classic game shows like Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud. Prizes await the winning team. Mark your calendar for April 26.

As always, LFCL will host a Passover Seder. Residents, families, staff and friends come together to honor tradition, share stories, and celebrate freedom. Our Jewish residents have rich narratives to contribute, and we eagerly anticipate their insights.

Congratulations are in order for Betty Tambedou, our Shabaz who was recognized in March as our outstanding Employee of the Month. Her dedication and compassion enhance the LFCL experience for everyone. This honor is very well-deserved Betty!

Once again, a beloved tradition is here upon us. On Tuesday, April 9th, we will host our annual Red Sox Home Opener party! Snacks, refreshments, and the company of Wally (the infamous Red Sox mascot) will set the tone for a fun event.

At LFCL, we believe that life is about connection, celebration, and shared moments. Thank you to our residents, staff, and community for making these activities memorable. Let’s continue to learn, laugh, and thrive together!